COVID - 19    Statement

May - June   2020

                    This season is certainly venturing into Uncharted Waters for us all.   Like everyone, we are wondering what summer will be like on Martha’s Vineyard and it’s Surrounding  Waters, whether we will be able to have a Charter Season of any type or will  just  Go Sailing  !!                

                  In the meantime we are busy in a shed in Mattapoisett MA.  doing our normal Spring maintenance on MAGIC CARPET, sanding, scraping, wiping down, taping, varnishing, painting, systems upkeep, and an array of other jobs to get ready for Launch and Rigging, as well as our annual U.S.C.G. Inspections !

                   All eyes and ears will keep focused on the Federal and State  Guidelines and Requirements for small businesses and we will have to access our viability as time goes by.  We sincerely hope we can have a season of some sort and will keep this page updated as to our plans for Sailing and Chartering  …

                   Please feel free to call  (508-627-2889)  if you need a more immediate update and wish to reserve a charter date with optimism in mind.  We are good at being flexible, but only if everyone is healthy and sensible .

                    FAIR  WINDS   ~

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